How to identify musical notes from the sheet of music

Music is actually a language. How you learn any language? Same way we must learn this. Take for example, English. We first started by learning the 26 alphabets of English. Then we learnt how to use those alphabets to make words and how to use words to make the sentences. Same way, we need to learn music. You need to start with the basics of music, i.e. how to read musical notes. No matter what music you learn, Indian or western and no matter what genre you learn, it is really helpful in the long run. Don’t worry it is not difficult. I will give you a glimpse of some of the basic concepts.

First, we have musical scales that consists of 8 notes. They can be named using sa-re-ga-ma-pa-da-ni-sa or do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-si-do or C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C. Whichever method you are comfortable with you can choose that one to name the notes.

So, you can see that Sa is same as Do which is also same as letter C. We saw how the notes are named.

These are the basic types of musical notes. What similarity you can see between them is that they all have oval or circular part. For some notes the oval part is fully filled with black colour while for some notes it is not.

Let’s see how these notes are used to form a musical scale and then we will see how to identify them based on methods that we saw above.

You can see that the musical notes are written on 5 horizontal lines which are called as staff lines. Some notes are on the lines; some are between the lines and some are below the lines and some are touching the line from bottom. We saw that every note has oval part. Now the naming is given to the notes based on where this oval part of the note is placed with respect to these lines. You can see the first note C is below the staff lines with a small line on it. D note is touching the staff lines. E is on the first line from bottom and so on. Just remember what name is given to the notes based on where their oval part is placed with respect to the staff lines. No matter what type of note is used, whether it is whole note, half note, quarter note or eighth note, the naming will remain the same.

So just with this article we learnt how to identify the notes based on the above three methods that I have shown in different colors and we learnt how to use those notes to form scale. It is same as if we have learnt the English alphabets and then we learnt to form words.

You can find what we covered till now in my lesson video Identification of musical notes.

Next we need to see is how to use play this scale on a musical instrument. I will show you on musical keyboard. Musical keyboard is the simplest musical instrument you can learn in shorter time. To understand how to play the scale on musical keyboard, I will suggest you to check my lesson video How to play musical keyboard. You do not need to buy musical instrument to learn this lesson. You can play musical keyboard on your smartphone by downloading an  android app WALKBAND. So do not worry if you want to start learning and if you have not yet bought a musical instrument.

Most important is the will and determination to learn. Many learners start learning with great enthusiasm and when they do not understand they just give up. No matter what happens nothing is available easily. You need to work hard to achieve it. So you need to work hard following good content and taking necessary help if required to achieve success in whatever you do.

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