How to learn music faster? Here are the most amazing and quickest ways of learning music

I come across many people who believe in a myth that learning music is very difficult and time-consuming. There are many people who enroll for music courses at institutes and leave them in between because they do not understand the concepts properly thereby takes lot of time to develop their skills in addition to that time wastage due to traveling between the institute and home place.

You can get many websites online that have courses that you can buy online. They are good pick to choose from compared to institutes as you save a lot of time and you can learn from wherever you are through your mobile phone or laptop. But some of these websites skip the true basic concepts of music to provide their students ease of being able to learn to play instrument faster thereby even skipping the basics

For you to master at anything you must invest the required amount of time and efforts.

You can reduce the time required to learn music by reducing the time that you need to understand the concepts and that happens if the concepts that you learn are explained in the most simple manner as possible. And that’s what i am trying to teach you.

You can reduce the time required to learn music by reducing the time that you need to understand the concepts and that happens if the concepts that you learn are explained in the most simple manner as possible. And that’s what i am trying to teach you.

In this post, you will come across ways to learn music faster and easier way and making learning music fun-loving and amazing activity. Here is what you actually will read about:

We will now begin to go in detail about the above points.

1.    Learn Basics of Music

The first and the most important point i want to talk about is the basics of music. For you to learn anything efficiently, basic concepts will play an important role. It serves as the foundation of any learning process.

Imagine a multi-storey building without a good foundation or the weak base. Will the building stand stable for a longer time?


Same way if the basics of music are not learnt properly, then learning the advanced concepts will be difficult and more time-consuming and you will get bored of learning. It is always said that you must love what you learn.

According to Music Advisor, they share these benefits of learning to read music:

  • You can learn various genres of music faster
  • It can help you communicate better among other musicians
  • It improves your efficiency as a musician compared to playing music by hearing the music because if you have the sheet with written music you can directly refer it while playing but if you have learnt by listening to the song then you need to practice a lot.

Classic FM says that learning to read music helps you in understanding musical concept in better way.

So, what I will suggest is that learn the basic concepts properly and try to use these concepts to learn the other concepts because every concept is based the basic knowledge which involves learning to read music.

Always remember that there are no shortcuts to success. Only hard work is the essential to reach to your goals. If you are starting to learn music or who already have started learning, basics is the most important step of your learning routine without which learning is of no use. If you have skipped basics and learning advanced method via shortcut methods, then leave that there itself and come back to basics and make it thorough because it will affect you when performing at professional level. There is a basic course that Fusionic Musicals will be providing for free and will be launching very soon.

2.    Use virtual instrument mobile apps

Once your basics are in place then you can use various technology tools to help you to learn more efficiently.

Everyone owns a mobile nowadays and this mobile technology has helped us to get everything right at our fingertips. Now a question may be coming to you mind that if you learning to play a musical instrument, how can mobile apps help you.

Firstly, As a beginner, the first thing that every music learning person needs is an instrument. It is important to buy instrument so that you can practice the concepts properly and get a feel of how to use the instruments according the concepts that you learn. If you have enrolled for a course by paying X amount of money then buying instrument is another bigger investment that you need to do. As a beginner you can delay this investment if you use mobile apps. If you are using free resources to learn then you do not need to worry about any investment in the starting days of your learning.

Secondly, you cannot carry the actual instrument if you want to learn while you are on the go. But if you have the piano or other instruments on your smartphone then you can. The only thing that you would need to do is download your virtual musical instrument app from your preferred app store and you will have instrument right within your palms in your smart phone. There are many apps that can help you to learn music.

An android app, WALK BAND is one of the apps that you can use. I personally use it even though i have my instrument with me. It helps me a lot in many ways. It is developed by Revontulet Soft Inc and has various virtual musical instruments such as keyboard, guitar, drum kit, drum machine and base guitar that you can play by just tapping on the instrument layout shown on your phone.

This app is great for those you cant get their hands on actual instrument or who are beginners who want to know the instrument without actually buying it.

This is how the main interface of the app looks like.

Here you can select whichever instrument that you want to open and just tap and play. Each instrument has various functions.

This is how piano looks like in the Walk Band app.

Each respective instrument have various features that you can use similar like actual musical instrument.

<br><a href=”” class=”download-button” style=” background:#3c4bc5; color: white; padding: 2%;”>View More Details and Download</a><br>

You can get more information about each virtual music instrument in walkband from Techulator Reviews

3.    Use tuner apps

As you can see in the picture above, it shows piano keys. To tell you the fact, piano is the most easiest instrument of music that you can learn as compared to instruments such as violin, etc. In piano you just need to know which key to play for a specific note. But in case of violin, playing a particular key depends on which string to play and where you have positioned your finger on that string.

It totally depends on the distance between the start of the neck( the black part under the strings) and where you positioned the finger on the string for a particular sound to play. Here you can use tuning app to know whether you have played correct note or not.

Just download and open the app when playing instrument (I will consider that you are using violin.) and you play a note. It will then instantly show what note you playing and whether you are playing correctly as shown below.

The picture shown above is the screen of how DA Tuner app looks like. It is a guitar tuner which you can use. You can understand it better from the video below:

View Details and Download


We have now seen 3 ways how you can learn music faster and efficient way. Out of these techniques, learning basics is the most important point i will want you to focus on because if you don’t know the basics then using such apps will be of use. So focus and spend time to understand the basic concepts first. If the concepts are explained simple ways then it does not require much time.

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